Simona and Daphne (SaD) release Saturn Rules The Material World’ on 12″ Vinyl, through Trans-Brunswick Express. Back Cover Art and press photography by FAINT. Rest in Power Daphne Camf.

Featuring Daphne Camf (of NO ZU) on vocals and synth and Simona Castricum on guitar and programming, SaD debuted in 2018 with the single ‘The Poets of Antiquity’, followed by ‘Don’t Go’ in 2019. They have built something of a cult following in Melbourne’s live music scene—showcasing with Remote Control for CHANGES Festival in 2019, and supporting Moon Duo (US), Black Cab and Underground Lovers.

‘Saturn Rules The Material World’, released in September through Trans-Brunswick Express and featuring the single ‘Sign From Above’, is a dreamy collection of call-and-response arrangements.

SaD captured by FAINT – 12″ Vinyl Back Cover

Comprised of Camf’s heartfelt prose and synth melody in counterpoint to Castricum’s statuesque guitar leads and big beat/bass rhythms, the album has garnered Triple R and 4ZZZ Album of the Week.

“SaD embrace the back-and-forth nature of emotion, responding and mirroring the sensations that arise with whatever sounds their chosen 80s-electro palette allows. The end result is a considered and layered work that showcases the width and breadth of the darkwave electro genre, a masterclass in thought and execution – an effort that rivals anything else in Simona and Daphne’s respective discographies in terms of quality and re-listenability.” — James Frostick, Weirdo Wasteland

Press photography for SaD ‘Saturn Rules The Material World’ release

“Their debut delivers a resonant collection of anthemic guitar leads, soaring synths and bass-heavy rhythms. Camf’s lyricism translates the complex experiences of life into the language of poetry, shedding light on the present and shadows of the past.” — Album of the Week, Triple R

‘Saturn Rules The Material World’ is available via Trans-Brunswick Express at BandCamp digitally and on 12” vinyl presale, + streaming through all platforms

Text courtesy of SaD.

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