Official music video for ‘All Are Syllables of the Great Tongue’, taken from the LP ‘Remembrance Of Things To Come’ by Naarm based artist Papaphilia (Fjorne Bastos), released 16th March, 2023. Directed by FAINT (+ additional VFX) and lensed by Shaki Prasanna, the music video was filmed when Fjorne was 39-weeks pregnant, performing a dance inspired by Buddha’s Conception of Birth, choreographed by Rashan Samul, who also featured in the video performing the classical Sri Lankan Kandyan dance tradition, a style derived from ancient purification rituals.

“I have been so lucky to be joined by other queer POC artists, swerkers and community organizers who were willing to bare themselves to celebrate and demonstrate an understanding of our bodies through skin and sweat, utilizing movements that reflect extreme intensity, from the beautiful yet gritty to the strange and contorted. I wanted to showcase a deep sense of beauty, sitting at the intersection between what is pure and what is taboo and expressing a longing for their unity.”Fjorne Bastos / Papaphilia.

Direction, VFX & 3D by FAINT @faintagency

DOP – Shaki Prasanna @shaki.prasanna
DOP Assistant – Jeanne Khin
Lighting – @kayzar
Editing, Colour, Effects – @teddeacey
Styling- @ynvynyty
Costuming- @melbourne__nilame
Hair- @ba___nan
Makeup – @nisal.mua
Makeup Assistant – @kahliimorrison_mua
Dancer – @rashansamsul
Maxine @cookedpeach
Aarti @lllllllllllalllllllllll
Priya @fake_meat
Noah @ugliest.hottie
Aeona @ae.iona
Matisse @your.never.girlfriend

Thanks to:
Brunswick Mechanics Institute @next_wave
Travis Loo @claw__boy

‘All Are Syllables of the Great Tongue’ written and produced by Papaphilia x @kuyaneil_ From ‘Remembrance of Things to Come’ available now on Vinyl and digitally via –

This release is part of the @flashfwdmelb program