Established in 2010 with roots in publishing as a fashion and art publication, the FAINT portfolio has seen constant evolution over the years, diversifying our reach and expanding our services as we adapt with the times. Offering a multitude of services including high-end portrait & fashion photography, 3D, creative direction and event production, FAINT is a proudly independent organization dedicated to supporting creativity, celebrating individuality and working collaboratively with a diverse gamut of clients who share similar values.


  • FAINT Magazine
    Founded, October 2010

    7 Online Editions, 2010 – 2013: The Bare Issue, As Above – So Below, Prince, Second Skin, The Colours & The Kids, Luna Sea, Dream Anatomy.


    November 11, 2011, Print Edition (Sold Out)
    Stocked in Australia with worldwide shipping available.

    Featuring Akira Isogawa for Graeme Murphy, Erwin Olaf, Úna Burke, Ione Rucquoi, Bart Hess, Lara Jensen, Sam Jinks, Kimiko Yoshida, Thom Puckey, Antonella Arismendi, Zac Steinic, Curtis Gibson, Kat + Duck.

  • Melbourne Design Awards

    2012: Best Design Publication, Distilled (Print)
    Presented by Driven x Design, FAINT was the recipient of the 2013 Best Design Publication in Print in the Melbourne Design Awards; a program developed to recognise leadership, excellence and courageous, design-lead projects in the commercial, government and community sectors.

  • Emerge: An Exhibition

    August 2013, Higher Ground, Collingwood
    FAINT magazine hosted it’s first ever exhibition Emerge: An exhibition, showcasing the work of designers across various creative fields. Works on display included fashion, installation art, photography and sculpture all melting together to form Emerge. Special guest speaker for the evening was renowned fashion designer Jenny Bannister alongside a special live performance by Miles Brown.

    Featuring works by Christina Exie, Nixi Killik, Tyrone Dylan Susman, Anthony Capon, Vanessa Xie, Skye Kelly, Tettmann.Doust, Yandell Walton & others. The event was sponsored by Fog City and Little Creatures and held an after party at the Liberty Social, Melbourne.

  • In Vitro

    April 2014, Print Edition (Sold Out)
    Stocked Internationally in all major capitals including Barnes & Noble and Harrods; as well as boutique independent retailers across Australia, Europe, America and Asia.

    Featuring Judy Fox, Meguru Yamaguchi, Tom Eckert, Christoph Ruprecht, Hedi Xandt, Kirsty Mitchell, Can Pekdemir, Thomas Jackson, Masao Kinoshita, Justin Bower, Marina Hoermanseder, Maiko Takeda, Sarah E. Buchanan, Edward Curtis & Eugenia Lejos.

  • Aphrodisia

    December / January 2015, Print Edition (Sold Out)

    Stocked Internationally in all major capitals including Barnes & Noble and Harrods; as well as boutique independent retailers across Australia, Europe, America and Asia with the expansion into the Japanese market.

    Featuring Tomohide Ikeya, Aoi Kotsuhiroi, Casja Von Zeipel, Synchrodogs, Vitaliy & Elena Vasilieva, Ryan Burke, Schall & Schnabel, Yuichi Ikehata, Pauline Darley, Salvatore Di Gregori, Eliška Kyselková, Suka Off, Benedetta Bonichi, Sarah Sitkin, Julia Comita, Kirsten Miccoli, Claudio Rogge & Joshua Brandao.

  • Official Launch
    FAINT Agency, January 2019 – Ongoing

    In the lead-up to our official transition from print publication to creative agency, FAINT worked with clients across a number of industries to fortify a diverse portfolio specializing in high-end photography, creative art direction and 3D design.

    3D cover art for Kult Kyss, God Is A Bassline 2020

    Primarily focused on supporting independent talent, Audiophiles was introduced as a division of FAINT, catering to artists working under the collective umbrella of music and performance.

    In 2019, our focus as an agency has extended to hosting or facilitating fundraising Events through a collaborative and inclusive approach, engaging with the local community and contributing to important cases.