Black Rainbow


On Januray 19, 2023, FAINT hosted a non-for-profit event raising funds for Black Rainbow (NT) – an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander social enterprise in the pursuit of positive health and well-being for First Nations LGBQTIA+SB (Brotherboy & Sistergirl) communities. As a community, we raised $1,489.

Featuring live music performances by Lupa J (Naarm/MLB), Lucy Cliché, Salllvage, California Girls DJ Sets by G Spot & Jungist, Special Guest Performances by Hollywould, Lorcan Power, Lady Fur and Leilani Tyla.

Held at Waywards at The Bank Hotel in Newtown, FAINT will be showcasing an exciting line-up of independent artists creating works across the genres of electronica, hyper-pop, industrial and experimental sound design, as well as special guest performances by local drag and movement artists.


Live Musicians
Special Performances

Wildlife Victoria

Fundraiser for Wildlife Victoria
Howler, Feb 22 2020

An evening showcasing an eclectic, but thoughtfully curated line-up of Melbourne artists working across the fields of music & performance, dance, drag & video art as a fundraising opportunity towards Wildlife Victoria. The event was held in response to the devastation of the most recent Australian bush fire crisis.

Featuring live performances by Dark Water, Soft Approach, Geryon x Mossy, Quell x Holly Durant, Hextape, Lupa J, Friendships x Blu, PHASMAHAMMER (Justin Shoulder), Fox Pfleuger, Leon Andon, Pancetta Love, The Huxleys, The Beastie Girls & a fundraising raffle.

First Nations Fire Relief

Fundraiser for First Nations Communities affected by the Australian bush fire crisis
Rubix Warehouse Jan 24, 2020

A last-minute emergency response fundraising event organized by FAINT for First Nations communities affected by the Australian bus fire crisis.

Live and DJ performances from artists Racerage, Jothi, Yvon Raphael, Simo Soo, Addison, elkkle, Ony & Soju Gang. Fundraising raffle with contributions by Endota, Four Pillars Gin, Eagle Leather, Passionfruit sensuality shop, Heide Museum of Art and more.
Event concluded early due to unforeseen circumstances.

Ångstfest 4 x FAINT

Fundraiser in collaboration with Ångström Space for Black Rainbow
*Date and venue change, .Colour nightclub, October 26, 2019.

In collaboration with Ångström Space, FAINT co-produced and co-hosted a live music fundraising event Ångstfest 4 – bringing together performing artists and DJ’s alike in the Melbourne music scene to collectively raise funds in support of Bla(c)k lives. The event was non-for-profit and raised funds for Black Rainbow (NT) – an Aboriginal owned organisation supporting Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander LGBTQI+SB communities.

Featuring Asylum Sister, Body Maintenance, Callan, Caustic Grip, Earnest Raw, elkkle, Enola, Female Wizard, Javan Ash, Jess Sneddon, Jonny Telafone, Lupa J, Makeda, Quell and V.
Press coverage through 3CR community radio, Joy FM and PBS.

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