A Black Mass with Dane Blacklock & the Preacher’s Daughter Creative Direction, Photography & Artist Management. FAINT was commissioned to create marketing collateral to promote the production ‘Hellsong: A Black Mass with Dane Blacklock & the Preacher’s Daughter’, premiering at the 2022 Melbourne Fringe Festival at the Festival Hub: Trades Hall – ETU Ballroom on October 8.

A story of the fallen angels cast out of Heaven by God, and their journey to Earth to illuminate mankind in the ways of freedom, desire and joy. Our story is told during a Satanic church service, in which our playful preachings are centered around freedom of choice and desire, feminism, inclusivity, sex positivity and body autonomy.

The message is to follow one’s bliss, to cast off the shame or guilt one may feel in the depths of a bacchanal, to enjoy life for all of its bounty rather than submit to the tyranny of a moral dictator. To follow one’s own moral compass, accept the chaos of existence and to embrace desire.

Provocative, captivating and only a tad melodramatic, our message is also earnestly ideological and socially conscious. As a group, we are in protest of all oppressive religious influence on society and do so with a skip in our step and a wink in our eye! Expect baptisms of filth, exorcisms of shame and the summoning of our very own demon, all presented through original songs, musical theatre and cabaret.

Performance Information

For bookings and info visit melbournefringe.com.au or call 03 9660 9666.
Duration: 60 minutes
Accessibility: Wheelchair Access
Age suitability: R18+

Event warnings: This event has haze effects, some nudity, moderate coarse language, sudden loud noises, some infrequent/low pressure audience interaction, potentially triggering content or themes, including Drug References, Sexual References, Simulated Blood.

Venue Details

Festival Hub: Trades Hall – ETU Ballroom
Wheelchair Access

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